ARDOR, noun.

Great warmth of feeling.

Passionate devotion.


Intense heat.





Neil Michael Anderson is a poet, writer, singer-songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist with an emphasis on 12-string guitar, as well as the Hebrew Lyre, and the Indian Esraj. Neil was first published by Jack Hirschman, the two-time Poet Laureate of San Francisco.

Neil recently published his first collection of verse, titled ARDOR. Many of the poems in ARDOR are songs that he sings, accompanied by 12-string guitar.

He was formally trained in music as a youth, and is a self-taught guitar and lyre player. He later studied Classical Indian Music at the Ali Akbar Khan College of Music. He is currently in production of his first studio album.

Neil has given poetry readings at San Francisco City Hall, Koret Auditorium (SF Public Library), and in Mission District soup kitchens. He was featured on the San Francisco Pirate Cat Radio station by the beat poet Diamond Dave Whitaker. 

His background includes: entrepreneurship, native-plant gardening, cross-modal healing arts, videography, photography, and various community building and advocacy projects, both in San Francisco, and in Kansas City (his native home). An advocate for orphanages, he loves finding creative ways to benefit others.

The work, "ARDOR, Selected Poetry", was recently released by Strong Mission Press. New print and audio works to be released in 2019.




Photographer: Justin Mannochia

Photo: Pine Mountain, Marin County, CA